Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Muse -

I will be sharing some highlights, good and bad, but rarely boring, that arise in my family and surroundings. Family and parenting will be the underlying theme.

Thoughts on youth, marriage, relationships, the beginning of my fifty something.

Society, including addictions, eating disorders.

Things I see, things I think, things I trust.

A bit of nature, a few books, films that strike a chord, articles and even a few fishing trips.

As a father of five, (from 9 to 19), adventures and activities are part and parcel of my life.

As I reflect on the past, but more importantly on the future, you may find a few ideas and tips. You may agree or not; you may find some thoughts useful, others useless - but at the end of the day, these pages will reflect one man´s point of view over a brief span of time.

The major character here is "Amore". The woman who agreed to share my life twenty years ago. I am the only one who calls her this, my one and only lasting temptation, an eternal reminder of our honey moon in Venice, Italy. "Amore Mio".

She may not appear in many articles, but she is my muse.

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