Saturday, March 10, 2007

Healing Man

I went to the doctor. For most of my life I have suffered from headaches. Now I am an expert on these.

There are the subtle ones that begin at the back of my head and slowly increase upwards and in intensity. The ones that go from my right eye heading inwards. And the one that gives notice when my hand begins to get numb and then bursts out into an almighty whopper.

Anyway, he is Cuban and has lived here a short while. He also studied in Russia and in China.

He is a simple man who has a mission and works toward it.

He is not a the typical Western doctor, with all the western science backed by chemical assistance.

He is, above all a healer and he looks at those he will help as a whole, as a complete person.

Everything is interconnected, and his special talent is finding where the connections are broken or weakened.

We had never spoken and met only there and then.

Xocé (pronounced Jose) asked me to lie down and put my arms above my head. He held my wrists and pulled two or three times lightly.

Above my right thigh, on the side of my belly I have emotional scars he says. They were caused by two men, my father and my brother.

I turned and looked at him in the eye. My father, the man I have most admired and loved, died when I was fourteen; my brother, my emotional twin, died when I was sixteen.

The session lasted an hour and there were many other thing that I accepted without question. I have a very developed third eye. When I asked him how to develop it further, he just repeated it is developed - I just have to practice, meditating.

He has a gift and he uses it to help those who are willing to be helped.

Xocé has given me a list of natural herbs and medicines, as well as a diet. We are what we eat.

My body will recover its natural harmony that has shifted its balance due to emotional battles, by guilt, by hurt, by life.

My spiritual and mental balance will also get into line.

Xocé, a healing man. You have a lovely name and you are a beautiful person.

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