Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Place Called Home

Do you know that place called home?

- Where nobility and honesty walk hand in hand
- Where harmony of life joins in ever flowing wonder
- Where loved ones are friends and friends are always true
- Where the light of God shines out, bright and true
- Where knights of old join hands and pray, and fight against injustice
- Where all in bravery and joy have a vision of peace, and the will to act

It is a secret place in our hearts, hidden behind misguided doors and dungeons of fear

Do you know this place?

- Where men and women are bonded in eternal love
- Where you and I, are We
- Where all are strong in bonds of love
- Where the light of day outshines the night
- Where suffering and hardship are taken lightly
- Where the strength within overcomes all fear
- Where the beauty of it all is our just reward

It is a secret place in our hearts, and souls, that expands in joy whenever it is found.

It is God's gift to all.

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