Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nature in The Home

Since I last wrote we decided to have closer encounters with nature.

The dog, the cat and the rabbit have turned into three dogs and a cat.

If you are good at reading between the lines you will have noticed the sad demise of our rabbit. He had been living the last year with a tumor below his throat.

The cat is still very catish, temperamental and disappears every so often.

The fiend has convinced us his is quite intelligent although he gets carried away at times and wallows in mud. For a mini (medium?) Schnauzer, this coating of mud transforms him into something out of primeval and slimy bog.

Our next door neighbor's Akita (she also happens to be my mother-in-law - our neighbor not the dog) has also adopted us. He is quite fearsome looking, but behind that savage demeanor he is a gentle beast. Actually to be fair to him, he is just old. I can tell when he sleeps (a large part of the day) he still has youthful dreams. They must be interesting as he hardly whimpers, but snarls instead.

And the young lass, our latest addition is a beautiful dog. She is a Swiss shepherd something; cute, lovely hair, great disposition and happy pup.

Perhaps her only fault is she has a weak bladder, which I constantly forget.
Just about every day I come home she greets me enthusiastically whereupon I do my old man's impersonation of a cross country runner as I rush avoiding puddles in the yard, but always manage to get splattered.

Which in turn means when I enter the house I am immediately welcomed with glorious shouts of joy ordering me to go and clean up.

It is during those times I fully realize nature IS in my home.

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