Friday, October 19, 2007

Sneezing Cat Thoughts

While feeding cat some milk he fell into a fit of sneezing. Some misplaced hair I'm sure. I enjoy observing his classy style of pretending nothing out of the ordinary happened, and the fact that he is in complete control of any situation.

This reminded me of the times he accidentally slips off a cupboard, or steps on a plate or any of those many times one of the dogs wants to play.

He is the master of style, very self conscious and the embodiment of cool. He reminds me of a few people but he carries it off much better.

I noticed that the same thing happens to cat as it does to people. There is a split second at the start of the sneeze when we close our eyes. There is nothing we can do to control this; believe me, I have tried.

This peculiarity always strikes me when I am driving and have to sneeze. And on top of it all, the burst of air (and other things) slips out at over 100 mph.

Mine always come out in high volume making me the object of stares and a few smiles.

But cat would be offended if I laughed.

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