Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Travelling Loo

My 11 year old girl was quite excited this morning as she told us her dream. (Though she kept getting confused and referred to it as the movie).

She had gone up to her cousin Ben (14) and proposed they build a club house. He refused as he already has his own.

So she next found her self in the toilet and sat down on the "loo". She flushed and with a sinking feeling found her self (still sitting there by the way) whooshing downwards until she landed in an almighty cave.

The colors were amazing, as were the sounds of dripping water and gorgeous smells. (Better than the loo she insisted).

Ben was there ready to great her as this was his club house. They walked towards a chamber, all furnished and carpeted when she saw her elder brother and Father Rodney. Her brother rushed to her to give her a great big hug and as he did ... she woke up with the fiend hound licking her face.

Anyway she was so happy and excited that her younger brother kept on telling her to finish the story.

So now I know she dreams in Technicolor, with stereo sounds and loads of smells.

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