Friday, February 23, 2007

The Kids are Marching On

Kids really know how to enjoy themselves. Adults tend to try and analyze things too much.

Good old grumble bags, complained and criticized everything from the first moment - until he left three days early.

But even the rest of us adults had our moments. The heat maybe; the time it took to cross the river the first time; little things.

But the children not only did they enjoy every moment of adventure; when they should have been exhausted at night, they got their second wind and started playing hide and seek, tag and so on. When they finally slept, it was just as intense. Into the sleeping bag and good morning.

I don't know if you have ever trekked through jungle but it is tiring. Our average speed was a kilometer an hour and it felt like six. You have to keep your eyes open and be careful where you step or put your hands. That inviting branch is sure to be covered with a bug of some sort.

After two hours of walking, sliding, tripping you are worn out and covered in sweat.

The kids on the other hand go on and on and on. Our guide was amazed at their stamina. On our longest day, when we visited the caves and then plunged into another river we were really tired out. On the way back, another couple of hours, it was the children that led point and waited for us older and worn out grown-ups. Whenever we needed a break, which happened more and more often, we began to notice the magnificent sights that nature (luckily) placed in front of us.

To top it all, when we saw the old and dilapidated Russian truck that was to carry us back, the kids challenged us to a race. As understanding adults, we let them win.

The point here is to live each moment to the fullest, with passion and enjoyment.

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