Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Don't You Hate People Who ...

Don´t you hate people who ...

  • Are always late and just shrug it off. This is not just bad manners, as far as I am concerned they are not only rude they are stealing my time.

  • Just stare at others. Rude and aggressive. Why don't they do something more productive?

  • Know everything. And then interrupt to show the world and their aunt how brilliant they are. If they only knew!

  • Sneeze loudly in a crowded place and look around as if waiting for applause.

  • Then they bring out a used and dirty handkerchief. Blah! (Sigh of disgust).

  • Have bad breath and lean into you as they talk.

  • Eat with their mouths open and then start yabbering away, spluttering the stuff all over the place.

  • Always jump in with the punch line of somebody else's jokes.

  • And those who are just loud, decibels above everybody else.

Well I just had that sort of a weekend, a new acquaintance that managed all the above. I guess I won't accept his invitation next week.

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