Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Will

You may have noticed that at the bottom of this page I have said: I Will.

Many years ago I read an Ayn Rand novel - it was either The Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged - and one of the secondary characters had a yacht and he named it "I Will".

According to him many people asked why he named it that way, and eventually he told the hero.

All his life, and he had been born in a poor neighborhood, everyone kept telling him:

"You can't do this ... you can't do that... you mustn't this, that or the other".

And all the time, but keeping it to himself, he decided that he would do what ever he chose to do, no matter what people said or did.

And that became his motto.

I kind of liked that and so decided that I also "would", but I have always been aware that this could mean trampling over others and so have never forgotten that respecting the rights of others must go hand in hand with my "I Will".

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