Thursday, March 13, 2008

And Then There Were Nine

Too many interesting things have been going on since I was here last, so for a moment I had no idea where to start.

Since the "nature" type of entries are the ones I most enjoy, I´ll start off with one of those.

Apart from the dogs, the disappearing cat and the now defunct rabbit (who died of a tumor)we now have quails and until yesterday eleven chicken.

Our dog Sazu, the old and apparently worn out Akita, has been up to his old tricks. He raided the hen house and managed to sequester two of the chickens. The cackling and barking brought us rushing to the rescue and though we managed to recover nine hens, for two it was too late. And now there are nine.

Sheba (our other dog) is furiously jealous of all the attention Sazu has been getting. She kept trying to steal the bodies but the king of the kennel would have none of it. I am not sure if it is an age thing (she is a young teenager) or that she isn't as smart as she thinks. Trying to imitate Sazu while he is being chastised makes me wonder.

The kids after mourning the hens for all of two seconds were thoroughly enjoying the spectacle.

- Sazu proudly lining up the two ex-hens in the midst of all the fuzz.
- Sheba rushing around, excited and nearly bitten by a roaring giant of a dog.
- Mummy chasing everything that moved with a stick.
- Cackling chickens.
- An elder teenager trying to tempt anyone with another live hen.

We didn't have chicken for lunch, but we did enjoying reliving these moments.

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